The following is a list of all of my current published articles.В  I separated each into 4 categories based on their content.В  Each article also has a brief description telling what it is about.


Finding Happiness: What the Pursuit is All About
On happiness and the different methods one can take to find it.Jumping Girl

The Dangers of Over-Medication
How drugs and medications can effect our bodies negatively if abused.

Depression: What it is and How to Handle it
A look at depression and the common misconceptions people have about the condition.

Identifying Addiction
What addiction really is, who can have it, and how to tell if you do.

Combating Addiction
Methods on how to rid yourself of a damaging addiction.

Why Do We Get Sick?
A look at some of the ways in which people contract illness based on regional and other factors.

How to Cure any Illness
My theory on how medication can be falsely seen as a “cure-all.”


Coping with Pain: How to Learn from WrongdoingSunset Devotion
How changing your point of view can help to understand the negative acts committed against you.

Solve All of Your Problems: An Easy Solution
A breakdown of my theory on balance and how one must incorporate it into one’s life.

Achieve Your Goal
How your goals can be achieved by forming habits.

The Science of the Smile
Why it is important to smile and how it can improve your overall health.

Find Happiness Through Culture
An analysis of culture: what it is and how it can make you a happier person.

Turning Your Talents into Skills
The difference between talent and skill and why each is important to consider.

15 Quotes by Street Saint
A list of some of my best motivational and philosophical quotations.

Creativity: Why to Do What You Like
A look at how creativity and taking on seemingly pointless projects can be beneficial.


Why are the Lines on the Street Always Yellow?
A call for people to pay more attention to issues that are commonly overlooked.African High School

Confronting Classism: Why it Costs to be Lavish
A look at classism, one of the most problematic forces which divides and alienates people.

Why We Hurt Each Other
No human’s ultimate goal is to attack or undermine others, so why is there still conflict?

A Call for Education Reform
I suggest some ways to remedy the large decline in education quality in America.

The Twisted Game of Telephone
A mini-folktale I wrote which looks at the ways in which cultures and traditions become depreciated.

Dating/Nice Guy

Couple Viewing SkylineNice Guys: What They Really Are
A description of what it means to be a “nice guy.”

Six Rumors About Nice Guys
Common misconceptions about nice guys and their tenancies.

Eleven Stages of Nice Guy
My KГјbler-Ross model of nice guy development.

Five Tips for Nice Guys
My suggestions for how to combat the “nice guy” stigma.