About Street Saint

Yin Yang (small)Street Saint refers to a savior or guardian who protects and aids others on the street level.В  In other words, a street saint is anyone who is looking out for the interests of those in his/her community.

My goal is to inspire and uplift my readers with stories of hope, success, and change.В  My current project is to take on various challenges in life and discuss my experiences with them in an effort to show that everyone struggles through similar problems and there is a way to overcome them.

I also publish self-help and mental health articles which suggest ways to make better lifestyle choices.В  My philosophy is pretty simple: incorporate balance into your life and you will find it easier to succeed (for more on this philosophy, view the article here).

All of my articles are published through the Triond website.В  I also have various blog posts which contain other thoughts and ideas for unpublished articles.В  My main goal is to have you ponder your life choices and so that you can find ways to improve them.В  Plus, self-reflection can be fun, so give it a shot!

To see the list of all of my current articles, you can always find it on the publications page.В  My most popular articles are also listed in the sidebar on the right of the website.

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