Planning Something Big!

So, I was going to keep this secret, but I think it’s important that you all know what I have in the works since it can greatly effect my main goal.  In short, if all goes well, I could perhaps put an early end to the “Find a Life Partner” goal.  However, that’s only if everything goes according to plan.

I don’t want to give away exactly what I plan to do just yet, since it is a surprise, but I will let you in on the important parts.  Right now, I’ve already asked “Samira” to be at a certain place at a certain time.  I asked her to be there just as if I were asking any other friend, so at this point she is still in the dark, just as you all are.  Essentially, I am going to make it clear to her, in as suave a fashion as I can, how I feel albeit in a rather “dramatic” way.

I’ve never tried anything like this before, nor have I attempted to set anything like this up.  I am excited mainly because I feel somewhat confident that Samira will accept my offer; however, I am worried because any similar attempt I’ve made in the past has failed.  I am especially nervous because, if Samira is not interested in me as I believe she may be, than this whole scheme can come off as awkward and put both of us in a rather embarrassing situation.

Even if Samira is not interested in me as I believe she is, I am hoping that the magnitude of my attempt will bring her to at the very least consider going on a date with me.

I realize now that I didn’t make any specific stipulation as to how I would determine when I’ve achieved my goal.  I guess all I can really say is that I’ll know when I achieve it.  If my plan with Samira goes well, I probably won’t have achieved my overall goal per se, but I’ll be well on my way.

The whole undertaking is set to take place this Friday, Dec. 11.  Once it does, I can let you know exactly what my plan was, how I set it up, and how it all turned out.  So expect another post Friday night or Saturday morning.

Even though you don’t even know what I’m planning, I hope you’ll all wish me luck!

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December 9, 2009  Author: Street Saint  Tags: , , ,   Posted in: Goals, Life Partner

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