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Since I’ve been busy with my random acts of kindness, I haven’t been able to give many updates about my main goal: to find a life partner.  Although there haven’t been a whole lot of updates I can give, there are a few developments I can share.

Just for the sake of convenience, I’ll give my current crush a name: let’s go with Samira.  Samira and I seem to be making a strong connection.  I can sense from her by the way that she looks at me and talks to me that she likes me.  I hope this is in the sense that she thinks I’m attractive; although, she could just like me as a friend.  She seems to be comfortable around me, which is probably what I enjoy the most about her.

This all seems great, but here’s the issue: this is not the first time I have been in this situation.  I can think of probably a dozen or more times when I have been convinced that a girl is interested in me.  However, when I actually gain the nerves to ask her on a date, it seems as if such a thought couldn’t be further from the truth.  In fact, the last few girls I have courted sent me progressively stronger signals to this effect until finally, they let me know in one way or another that I was wrong to think they were romantically interested at all.

Couple Sitting CloseOne girl wrapped her arm around mine and spoke to me lovingly; she was not interested.  The next girl agreed to go to the movies with me, and then invited me to join her to another event; she was not interested.  The next girl I went on a long walk with and we talked for hours, we also went on several “dates” afterwords; she was also not interested.  At this point, I can’t be certain about anything.

Samira seems to be comfortable with physical contact, and she will pat me on the back or lean on my shoulder.  A dating book might say that this a positive step toward knowing how a girl feels about you.  However, I have learned not to take such advice to heart so quickly.  I said I would play around with physical contact more, so this will be my next step.  I plan to see just how “close” I can get to Samira.  If she seems to feel uncomfortable, then I’ll know that she is not as interested as I might think.  However, if she seems to invite this closeness, I may be on the right track.

Of course, I’m going to be very careful about how I perform this “test.”  Naturally, if Samira takes my actions as awkward or inappropriate, then she will feel uncomfortable regardless of how she may feel about me.  This is mainly for those who might try this strategy.  Use you’re best judgment.  “Feel” the person out.  Otherwise you could figuratively smother your love interest.  Ladies, this advice is for you as well.  If you are interested in a guy, one of the best ways to show it is by getting close to him and showing you feel comfortable around him.

Until next time.

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