Back to the Drawing Board

I was hoping to get a definitive yes or no from “Samira” before Christmas, but it looks like that’s not going to happen.  As I mentioned, I’m basically calling it quits with Samira and moving on.  If she were interested in me, she would have let me know by now, or at least spoken to me.

Seems like a terrible way to start the holiday season: back to square one in my pursuit of a relationship.  However, I’m focusing on the positive.  First of all, I have the rest of the month and most of January free, so I’ll finally have some time off.  This semester has been pretty rough, and I’m glad it’s over with.  Next semester will be much more relaxed (at least, it should be), so that’s another plus.

Also, I’m going to be working hard on the blog during the next month.  I won’t be publishing many posts, instead I’ll be focusing on the developmental aspects.  I have some big ideas in mind, so I’m looking forward to solidifying those and presenting them to all of you soon!

I have exactly four and a half months before my first goal is finished, and it’s not looking very good for me at this point.  With Samira out of the picture, I basically have to start all over.  I don’t have any other girl in mind at this point (not really, anyway), so I’ll have to just wait and see if a spark goes off.  With any luck, it will happen extremely soon.  But then again, knowing my luck with relationships, I doubt that will happen.  As sad as it might sound, all I really want for Christmas is a girlfriend.  :(

Speaking of which, I wish you all a merry Christmas, for those who celebrate.  Both Hanukkah and Solstice just ended, but I still extend my warmest regards to everyone celebrating a holiday this season.  As a person who does not actively celebrate any one holiday (I tend to mooch off other people’s traditions), sometimes it’s hard for me to keep track of what is happening when.  In any case, Happy Holidays everyone and have a wonderful new year!

I look forward to returning with some great new developments for all of you.  But until then, be good, safe, and happy!

All the best,
Street Saint

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December 22, 2009  Author: Street Saint   Posted in: Goals, Life Partner

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