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Why Do We Get Sick?

HeadacheSlightly different from my recent posts, but very relevant. This new article takes a look at some of the reasons why some people get sick versus others. It can vary depending on your lifestyle, where you live, as well as many other factors.

Read the full article here:
Why Do We Get Sick?

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Men Can Be Feminists

Men can be feminists. I hope you all new this already; however, if you didn’t, now you do. They can. And many are. A lot of people have the wrong idea about what a feminist is and what they stand for. Although, I don’t want to try to make any argument about that here. Instead, I wanted to vent a little frustration I have built up about life as a woman today. Read More…

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Just a Friend?

I’ve recently been thinking about the whole “just a friend” issue. Many nice guys complain that they are just friends and can get no further into a relationship. I’m starting to wonder what is so bad about being friends? Read More…

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Wanting What You Can’t Have

They say that you always want what you can’t have. Whether it is a material object or a person. I believe there is some truth to this, but it is not exclusively the case. There is some desire that is attached to unattainable goals, but the amount of desire varies depending on the goal and also depending on the person. Read More…

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I was trying to think of a really good way to start this new phase of the blog. I finally decided that it would be best to talk about imperfection (as a side note, I am aware that the title of the post is misspelled. That was done purposefully). Read More…

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The Twisted Game of Telephone

This article takes on a different shape than the others so far. It is written as a fairy-tale story, but has a very important message for you to ponder: just were do all the inexplicable traditions in our lives come from?

Many beliefs are formed for good reason; however, inevitably these beliefs become changed and twisted to the point where the original purpose is lost completely. Similar to a game of telephone. Hopefully, the story will get you thinking about what rituals you hold dear to this day and why they are so important to you.

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Itentifying Addiction

Part two of my articles on addiction has just been published. This one focuses on methods to discovering if you have an addiction.

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Combating Addiction

Addiction is something that plagues many humans, yet it is difficult to understand. As a rational being, one would think that a person could simply stop engaging in a destructive behavior. Unfortunately, our minds can sometimes be seduced to the point where rationality becomes secondary.

This article is the first of two articles on addiction. The first is a description of addiction and how it can be overcome, and the second is a compilation of ways to determine if you truly have an addiction.

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Creativity Killed the Capitalist

I hate to give the impression that I am anti-capitalist, because that is not the case. I appreciate the capitalist system for its strengths, but it has many faults. Once again, a balance needs to be reached. Capitalism is too individualistic and Communism is too groupish. I believe there can be a middle ground, but its never easy to establish such fundamental changes to government systems. Read More…

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Happy Holidays

I wish I was able to post this before the holiday, but I wanted to discuss the “Black Friday” phenomenon. For those who are unfamiliar, in the capitalist nation of the US, a whole other holiday was invented which takes place after Thanksgiving. The holiday is appropriately named Black Friday, not only because it takes place on a Friday, but also because it is a dark and scary time.

On Black Friday, millions of people rush to shopping centers nationwide to take advantage of holiday shopping deals. And as much as I hate to criticize people’s beliefs and practices, Black Friday is, in my humble opinion, one of the ugliest symbols of American elitism, capitalism, and greed there is. Black Friday is a day when rational people are seduced into rushing to the stores and stocking up on supplies they do not need or will never use. However, capitalism runs on the notion that people must spend money in order to achieve sustainability. Read More…

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