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Back to the Drawing Board

I was hoping to get a definitive yes or no from “Samira” before Christmas, but it looks like that’s not going to happen. As I mentioned, I’m basically calling it quits with Samira and moving on. If she were interested in me, she would have let me know by now, or at least spoken to me.

Seems like a terrible way to start the holiday season: back to square one in my pursuit of a relationship. However, I’m focusing on the positive. First of all, I have the rest of the month and most of January free, so I’ll finally have some time off. This semester has been pretty rough, and I’m glad it’s over with. Next semester will be much more relaxed (at least, it should be), so that’s another plus. Read More…

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Losing Faith

So I sent “Samira” a message asking her to meet up. I had an entire plan made up in my mind with exactly what I would say when she responded. I wanted to talk to her in person, but I rarely see her now. I was pretty confident that everything would work out. We might not end up together, but we’d at least see each other. However, that was all dependent on her responding back.

Unfortunately, it’s been over 24 hours and I’ve still heard nothing from her. Why does this happen? Whenever I feel I’ve figured everything out, everything finds a way to slip out of my grasp. All I needed was a response. Any response would have been just fine. Even if she said, “I hate you, leave me alone,” at least I’d know how she was feeling. Now all I can do is speculate. Read More…

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How to Lose A Guy in 10 Seconds

Subway ArrivesThis one is mainly for the ladies, but guys can learn a whole lot from this as well. This post is a pretty long one, but there’s a lot of good stuff in it, so you may want to read the whole thing. In short, I overheard a great conversation on the subway today, and I thought I’d share what I gathered from it.

There was a couple sitting across from me and they were with a female friend. The woman (for our intents and purposes will be named Woman) was telling her friends (the Boyfriend and Girlfriend) about how she had just been asked out by a friend of hers. What hooked me into the conversation is when she said, “Really, he’s the nicest guy, but I just…” At that point, I didn’t even try to look like I wasn’t paying attention. Read More…

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Method #5: No More Mr. Nice Guy

Dude with Red SweaterYou heard me, I’m doing away with my nice guy tendencies. Well, not really…

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about past relationship failures and about my current situation with “Samira.” In the past, I’ve both cursed my nice guy lifestyle and embraced it. What I am starting to think now is that I need to distance myself from it.

I’ve read a lot of advice from “pick-up artists” and “dating gurus” and the like and they all say that being a nice guy is a first class ticket to perpetual bachelorhood. I have and continue to disagree. Though I have yet to find relationship success being a nice guy, I am confident that it is possible. And instead of swearing off my nice nature completely, I have decided to strive for a happy medium. Read More…

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Emotional Paralysis

Wall of Excitement
One of the issues I struggle with is something I call socially onset emotional paralysis. At first I thought I was the only one with this problem, but I’ve found in talking to others, that this is more common than I originally thought. Emotional Paralysis occurs most often in introverted people and many people also link it to depression, but I believe anyone can have this “condition.”

There are many different ideas about emotional paralysis and how to define it; however, it is most commonly associated with the inability to form or express one’s emotions. It is associated with depression because depressed people often have trouble showing or feeling emotion. Socially Onset Emotional Paralysis (we can call it S.O.E.P) is similar to this, but refers to a more specific disposition. Read More…

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False Alarm

So there has been a slight change of plans…

I mentioned in my previous post that I would tell “Samira” how I felt and make some serious progress with my goal. However, as I feared, a wrench has been thrown into the perfect set-up I’ve put into place. I mentioned that Samira was supposed to be at a particular place at a particular time. She had said she could make it, unfortunately something came up and forced her to cancel.

As I said, I was almost expecting something like this to happen. It seems as if, whenever I plan something like this, it goes horribly wrong. I suppose her canceling was the least tragic thing that could happen, but it does make things more difficult. “Now what do I do?” Read More…

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Planning Something Big!

So, I was going to keep this secret, but I think it’s important that you all know what I have in the works since it can greatly effect my main goal. In short, if all goes well, I could perhaps put an early end to the “Find a Life Partner” goal. However, that’s only if everything goes according to plan.

I don’t want to give away exactly what I plan to do just yet, since it is a surprise, but I will let you in on the important parts. Right now, I’ve already asked “Samira” to be at a certain place at a certain time. I asked her to be there just as if I were asking any other friend, so at this point she is still in the dark, just as you all are. Essentially, I am going to make it clear to her, in as suave a fashion as I can, how I feel albeit in a rather “dramatic” way. Read More…

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Joyful Times!

Yesterday was a fantastic day and I’m feeling pretty good about myself. As I had mentioned when I went back to the dating game, I was going to try a new strategy on my crush, Samira (not her real name). I would get really close, and see how she would react.

Unfortunately, I didn’t necessarily do this. I had some opportunities, but circumstances made it difficult. In one instance, I purposefully chose to sit in a seat that would put me right beside her. However, I had gotten up for a moment and when I returned someone else had taken the seat. I didn’t want to make a fuss about it, since seating wasn’t assigned and I hadn’t clearly marked the seat as my own. Read More…

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Back to the Dating Game

Couple Sitting CloseSince I’ve been busy with my random acts of kindness, I haven’t been able to give many updates about my main goal: to find a life partner. Although there haven’t been a whole lot of updates I can give, there have been some promising developments.

Just for the sake of convenience, I’ll give my current crush a name: let’s go with Samira. Samira and I seem to be making a strong connection. I can sense from her by the way that she looks at me and talks to me that she likes me. I hope this is in the sense that she thinks I’m attractive; although, she could just like me as a friend. She seems to be comfortable around me, which is probably what I enjoy the most about her. Read More…

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RAK Wrap-Up

Huging Dad on BeachMy very first goal has been complete! Hooray!

I’m both excited and relieved. To be honest, it was a lot more difficult than I originally thought it would be. First of all, I had to come up with a unique act to perform each day, and then I had to actually do it. It was especially hard I think because I was supposed to be taking advantage of opportunities. However, if these opportunities didn’t present themselves to me, then I had to make them myself. Read More…

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