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Help the World For As Little As $10

As you might have noticed from the new links on the site, I have started up a partnership with the Global Giving organization. The website compiles a number of foundations which work to bring aid to people all over the world. The website has links to countless initiatives that accept donations as small as $2.

It is a great tool if you are looking to find charities which match your interests. I encourage you to take a look at and donate to some of my featured projects; however, I’ve also listed a few inexpensive ones bellow. You can also go straight to the website and choose from hundreds of other projects. Read More…

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Blog Carnival – Dating Stories

Blog Carnival submission form - a dating stories carnivalAre you a blogger? Have you been in a successful, or not-successful relationship? Do you have relationship advice you would like to share? Would you like to publish your story/advice on Street Saint? Now’s your chance!

I’ve decided to start a new partnership with Blog Carnival, a unique blog sharing website. What the site does is allow bloggers to submit content to others to be posted on other blogs. What this does is allows for bloggers (like me) to host content on my own blog from other bloggers. Read More…

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New Features

StarburstHello all!
Welcome to the new (and hopefully final) design for Street Saint’s blog. I am still adding a number of new features, but the overall set-up is complete. Hopefully you find it to be pretty user friendly. Read More…

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Street Saint is back!

After a long absence, I have decided to go in a different direction with the blog. Don’t worry! I will still be posting words of inspiration and motivation; however, it was too much for me to turn out a new article every week. Instead, I’ve decided to put myself on display in a way. From now on, I will be taking on a challenge and posting my progress. It will be a way to see a real-world example of facing one’s fears and attempting to better oneself. Read More…

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Do I Dare Disturb the Universe?

This entry is a bit more personal. I usually like to leave my personal experiences out of my entries; however, I am not sure this topic relates to everyone. So, rather than place this idea in a general context, I decided to focus on my own life. You can let me know if you have similar experiences.

That being said, the focus of this entry is on univeral balance. I am not a superstitious person, nor do I have a set belief about God or religion. I consider myself to be a spiritual, yet rational person. Even so, I have noticed that, throughout my life, I seem to have some kind of guardian protecting me from harm. Any time I get into a difficult situation, I can be pretty sure that it will work itself out in the end. I may not get exactly what I want, and I may not get through it scath free, but I will get through it nonetheless. Read More…

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Happy Holidays

I wish I was able to post this before the holiday, but I wanted to discuss the “Black Friday” phenomenon. For those who are unfamiliar, in the capitalist nation of the US, a whole other holiday was invented which takes place after Thanksgiving. The holiday is appropriately named Black Friday, not only because it takes place on a Friday, but also because it is a dark and scary time.

On Black Friday, millions of people rush to shopping centers nationwide to take advantage of holiday shopping deals. And as much as I hate to criticize people’s beliefs and practices, Black Friday is, in my humble opinion, one of the ugliest symbols of American elitism, capitalism, and greed there is. Black Friday is a day when rational people are seduced into rushing to the stores and stocking up on supplies they do not need or will never use. However, capitalism runs on the notion that people must spend money in order to achieve sustainability. Read More…

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All We Need Is Love

First, let me say congratulations to president-elect Barack Obama. Subsequently, I would like to applaud John McCain for his efforts as well as his heartfelt concession speech.

That said, I would like to address the large elephant in the room: the race issue. I have recently heard some disheartening statements said in reference to Obama. I think it is very childish and ignorant to use racial slurs when about Obama considering how historic this election has been in terms of our progress as a nation. Regardless of where you stand on the issues, I think it is necessary to acknowledge the accomplishment this is for our nation. Read More…

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Teaching Our Children

As many know, parenting is not an exact science. There is no textbook to raising children nor is there a “right way” to take on this endevor. Because of this, there are a lot of parents who find themselves, quite literally, with a needy child in their arms and no clue what to do next.

While tutoring for a second grader whom I’ve been working with for a few weeks now, I realized that I was never properly trained to work with him. I found myself struggling to decide what a “good parent” would do and I realized, there is no training that anyone could have given me. Read More…

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I’m Back! Hooray!

I just got back from an amazing weekend in Austin, TX. I attended the annual Austin Film Festival which is catered specifically to screenwriters (like me!). I had a wonderful time, and met a lot of great people.

Unfortunately, this means my other writing has taken the back burner, so there won’t be a new article this week. :(

I thought I could do it, but I literally had 62 new messages in my inbox that I had to sift through. I’ve been so busy lately that I knew it would happen, but it’s more than I can handle at the moment.

Until next time, readers!

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Complaints and Grievances

Everybody knows that one of the only things that keeps humans from living happy and fulfilled lives are other humans. And for those that didn’t know, other humans are the primary reason you are not as content as you could be.

As a philosopher, I know it’s unreasonable to expect that people will stop caring so much about what their neighbors do and worry about their own happiness; however, I never tire of giving people advice. Since, as long as I know a person’s problems could be lessened or avoided altogether had they taken me seriously, I don’t feel as bad if/when bad things happen to people I’ve talked to. Read More…

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