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How to Cure any Illness

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This is the unofficial part 2 to my article “Why Do We Get Sick?” “How to Cure Any Illness” is a look at how disease and sickness is contracted and, keeping this in mind, one can see how drugs arenot enough to heal us completely. It takes a lifestyle change.

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How to Cure any Illness

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Why Do We Get Sick?

HeadacheSlightly different from my recent posts, but very relevant. This new article takes a look at some of the reasons why some people get sick versus others. It can vary depending on your lifestyle, where you live, as well as many other factors.

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Why Do We Get Sick?

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Story Time: Just a Friend

As I mentioned in the previous “Story Time” post, the chapters of Romeo And… alternate between anecdotes and explanations. Since I’m only posting the anecdotes, I’ve skipped from Chapter 1 to Chapter 3. Read More…

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Story Time: Childhood Trauma

In addition to the other changes I’ve made to the blog, I’ve decided to take a more lighthearted direction as well. I wanted to tell stories of my progress through each new goal; however, since this is a unique goal with such a long timeline, it is difficult to tell relevant current events. Instead, I’ve decided to share and analyze stories of what has happened to me in the past. Read More…

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The Twisted Game of Telephone

This article takes on a different shape than the others so far. It is written as a fairy-tale story, but has a very important message for you to ponder: just were do all the inexplicable traditions in our lives come from?

Many beliefs are formed for good reason; however, inevitably these beliefs become changed and twisted to the point where the original purpose is lost completely. Similar to a game of telephone. Hopefully, the story will get you thinking about what rituals you hold dear to this day and why they are so important to you.

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A Call for Educational Reform

In another post, I mentioned the state of education in the US and the world. I now have an article follow-up to that discussing the problems with just focusing on Math, Literature, Science, and History in schools. We cannot simply leave the burden of education on parents as we currently do unless parents are learning the best ways to raise children.

As I explain in the article, there is no right way to raise a child; however, I have seen far too many parents become clueless as to what values should be essential to their children’s development.

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Itentifying Addiction

Part two of my articles on addiction has just been published. This one focuses on methods to discovering if you have an addiction.

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Combating Addiction

Addiction is something that plagues many humans, yet it is difficult to understand. As a rational being, one would think that a person could simply stop engaging in a destructive behavior. Unfortunately, our minds can sometimes be seduced to the point where rationality becomes secondary.

This article is the first of two articles on addiction. The first is a description of addiction and how it can be overcome, and the second is a compilation of ways to determine if you truly have an addiction.

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Creativity Killed the Capitalist

I hate to give the impression that I am anti-capitalist, because that is not the case. I appreciate the capitalist system for its strengths, but it has many faults. Once again, a balance needs to be reached. Capitalism is too individualistic and Communism is too groupish. I believe there can be a middle ground, but its never easy to establish such fundamental changes to government systems. Read More…

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Inspirational Quotes

The last article was a little late, so I decided to send this one out a bit earlier. For this one, the title explains it all: 15 Quotes by Street Saint. There are 15 of my favorite origional quotes. Feel free to look them over and find ones you like. I ranked them from 15 to 1, but I still like them all and think they are all enlightening.

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