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Help the World For As Little As $10

As you might have noticed from the new links on the site, I have started up a partnership with the Global Giving organization. The website compiles a number of foundations which work to bring aid to people all over the world. The website has links to countless initiatives that accept donations as small as $2.

It is a great tool if you are looking to find charities which match your interests. I encourage you to take a look at and donate to some of my featured projects; however, I’ve also listed a few inexpensive ones bellow. You can also go straight to the website and choose from hundreds of other projects. Read More…

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Review: Lifebeat

While I try my best to provide as unique of content as I am able, it is also important to recognize others who do the same. I am a firm believer that the process of self development cannot be effectively achieved without multiple sources and influences. Without some variability, one can follow everything one person says and no one is perfect.

That being said, I figured I’d introduce you to other blogs and websites that provide similar tips to my own, but ones that also provide their own spin and ideas to these topics. I recently stumbled upon a blog entitled Lifebeat. What I thought was especially interesting about the author of the blog, Oleg Mokhov, is that he is not only a writer, but a musician as well and he provides both self development tips as well as, as he puts it, “energizing electronic dance music for melody-lovers.” Read More…

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Being an Idealist

Idealist is a website offering opportunities to those seeking to improve the world we live in. It allows businesses to post listings for jobs, internships, and volunteer opportunities which in some way contribute to building a freer or more sustainable world. People can then go to the site and connect with others with common goals. The website is a great place for individuals and businesses looking to build a better world.

You might have seen the button on the right sidebar that states, “I’m an idealist.” This button is there to show my support for the new project Idealist is working on. Feel free to click on it, or read on to find out what it is and why I support it. Read More…

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Blog Carnival – Dating Stories

Blog Carnival submission form - a dating stories carnivalAre you a blogger? Have you been in a successful, or not-successful relationship? Do you have relationship advice you would like to share? Would you like to publish your story/advice on Street Saint? Now’s your chance!

I’ve decided to start a new partnership with Blog Carnival, a unique blog sharing website. What the site does is allow bloggers to submit content to others to be posted on other blogs. What this does is allows for bloggers (like me) to host content on my own blog from other bloggers. Read More…

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Happysad Comics

Sometimes the best way to feel better is to laugh at yourself a little. I’m usually sarcastic by nature and often poke fun at my own faults. However, there is also a great release when others make jokes about the very problems that you face. One outlet that I have found is a web comic series called Happysad. Read More…

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