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Story Time: Just a Friend

As I mentioned in the previous “Story Time” post, the chapters of Romeo And… alternate between anecdotes and explanations. Since I’m only posting the anecdotes, I’ve skipped from Chapter 1 to Chapter 3. Read More…

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Story Time: Childhood Trauma

In addition to the other changes I’ve made to the blog, I’ve decided to take a more lighthearted direction as well. I wanted to tell stories of my progress through each new goal; however, since this is a unique goal with such a long timeline, it is difficult to tell relevant current events. Instead, I’ve decided to share and analyze stories of what has happened to me in the past. Read More…

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Eleven Stages of Nice Guy

This is my final Nice Guy article, at least for a while. This is essentially a compilation of the bulk of my research. I knew that not all Nice Guys were the same, but I also knew that Nice Guys changed. This article completes the study by discussing the latter.

It has been really fulfilling for me to write about the Nice Guy problem. Perhaps I will finish the anthology I started when I was younger. In any case, I’m glad the information is out there now. If nothing else, I hope that at least one Nice Guy will read these and get something positive out of it.

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Six Rumors About Nice Guys

An article on the common misconceptions about Nice Guys and what they have in common.

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The Definition of Nice Guy

Are you unsure just what people mean when they talk about Nice Guys or why they finish last? Do you know about Nice Guys, but aren’t sure exactly how the title is given?

Even people who say they are familiar with “The Nice Guy Syndrome” don’t really know what a Nice Guy truly is. As an expert in the subject, I went ahead and wrote a brief 4-point definition.

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5 Tips for Nice Guys

Are you a nice guy who has trouble getting into relationships?

There is an answer out there for you! I have spent much of my life struggling with the “nice guy” problem. It has been a road filled with ups, downs, and curveballs and I never thought I’d find an answer. However, I finally believe I discovered what makes nice guys so unlucky when it comes to relationships (they don’t take into account how much luck goes into it).

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